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About Us

MFS "Material Flow Studio" is executing its projects with the national and international leading companies in their sectors by providing software services.

MFS aims to add value to mechanical systems by undertaking  R&D activities according to the requirements of the material flow systems.

Research and Development activities are protected by confidentiality agreements signed with the companies.

Our vision is to improve product transportation systems by speeding up the commissioning times and enhancing the Mobile Monitoring Systems.

As a result of long research & development, MFS accomplishes put complex automation systems in use without writing any line of code.


The sectors of Focus:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers

  • Sorter Systems

  • Box, Pallet Material Flow Systems

  • Airport Cargo Center

  • Book Distribution Center

  • Textile Products Distribution Center

  • In-Plant Product Transport Lines

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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