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What is th benefit of Digital Twin for presales

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical object, process, or system that enables simulation, analysis, and optimization of various scenarios. In the context of intralogistics, a digital twin can provide numerous benefits for presales activities, including:

  1. Visualization: A digital twin can help visualize and simulate the layout and operation of an intralogistics system, allowing potential customers to see how the system will work in their specific environment.

  2. Optimization: Using a digital twin, presales teams can test and optimize different configurations and scenarios to identify the best solution for a customer's needs. This can lead to more efficient and effective intralogistics systems.

  3. Cost savings: Digital twins can also help identify potential issues and inefficiencies early on in the presales process, reducing the risk of costly mistakes during implementation.

  4. Customization: With a digital twin, presales teams can demonstrate how the intralogistics system can be customized to meet specific customer needs, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Overall, a digital twin presales tool can help presales teams effectively communicate the benefits of an intralogistics system to potential customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Drag & Drop

MFS lets you simulate your material flow systems with accurate results and lets you see flaws or bottlenecks while the system is running.

Simulating in MFS does not need any coding after the design is built.



MFS has its own PLC software testing infrastructure as well as a 3D design tool that helps to commission the system quickly to the warehouse. 
No prior software knowledge is required to carry out the operations.

Beckhoff PLC works with high accuracy in systems such as conveyors and material handling. 

MFS enables you to commission without having to deal with software bugs

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